Bound by nature.
14. April 2023

Contract manufacturing – no problem.


Modern contract manufacturing. Native. Local

Local is the new global. Our state-of-the-art production and office building which was put into operation in 2017 when we moved into the new HQ, is fully equipped with German machinery in operation from Becomix and Unimix – from production and process plants automation solutions to mixing technology to meet the most challenging and maximum demands of our customers. The entire production process takes place in our very contemporary hygiene sector of 300 m². The bulk production utilizes pharmaceutical emulsion plant and equipment facilities - ranging from 15 to 350 kg per batch and cold charging stocks up to 1,000 kg per batch. Our filling systems bottle the bulk in the packs provided by the customers, no matter if it will be tubes, jars, bottles, ampoules or other packaging options. To assemble the product in folding boxes is an integral part of our service portfolio as a contract manufacturer of cosmetics – if requested adding instruction or information leaflets, sealing, coding with batch numbers and best before dates. We mainly pack in upmarket folding boxes and also technically sophisticated, very elaborate sales displays that have to be assembled by hand. Automated or manual processes are used, depending on the format, material, sensitivity and edition. In addition, all primary and secondary packaging elements are inkjetted with batch numbers and expiration dates. The pleasure is ours to provide you with professional advice in terms of the selection of your packaging material. Thanks to our longstanding experience and network, we can recommend professionally qualified experts in the field of the development, finishing processes and production of packaging materials.

Warehouse. A standard of quality

Our manufacturing premises are equipped with a modern AS/RS area. The high-rise storage can store raw materials and packaging materials under defined climatic parameters. In our in-house microbiological and analytical lab we keep tabs on and inspect all incoming goods. We assay each and every raw material, test all intermediate and finished products for identity and purity based on our in-house analytics and integrated database matching. We release and clear all tested goods for further processing only after having completed all testing and getting clearance positively. Maximum safety is paramount and takes top priority for us and you as our customer. It goes without saying that an effective and efficient quality management is key. It is a given that the manufacturing complies with and is carried out in accordance with GMP standards and the requirements of the European Cosmetics Regulation at all times. It is named “Made in Germany”. We are 100% Bavaria-based. German Natives in the field of R&D and production.


We generate and compile the entire, mandatory documentation - after completion of the corresponding test overviews, we issue the production-supervised documents and batch-related certificates of analysis or even product information files (PIF). Upon request our team will take care of your CPNP notification. You would like to mandate an independent laboratory to undertake dermatological tests. We are your partner. What about challenge tests, clinical studies or efficacy tests to back up marketing claims.


We exercise and claim sustainable contract manufacturing combined with top-notch quality. Being a highly committed and modern enterprise we consistently meet the growing challenges of the market. In doing so, we focus on maximum quality and pit on sustainability standards by implementing strict, internationally recognized quality management systems.
In accordance with German Industry Standards: