Your boutique company for bespoke cosmetics and healthcare. Established in 2003. Certified R & D, turnkey contract manufacturing, filling, assembly and packing of meaningful dermo-pharmaceutical and innovative medical care on a sustainably carbon-neutral production site.
Authentic. Memorable. Hands-on. Workmanship.

The modern art
of skin care

Research & development. The company DNA. The treasure trove of our creativity. The cradle of research.

The focus is on you. Your formula design, only. Our promise. No stock formulations. No mass processing based on standard solutions. We highly regard and count ourselves lucky to appreciate custom-made creations and formulation, exclusively. A company of merit.

  • R&D expert.
  • Ongoing market monitoring.
  • Manufacturer. Bulk production. Bottling. Assembly.
  • Your beauty boss.


Meet the scientific mastermind of Legart Forschungsatelier, the composer of intelligent beauty. The beauty pioneer and healthcare forward thinker, F W Legart, has demonstrated his scientific knowhow and put his creative ability to the test of having been an acknowledged product developer of sustainable and authentic cosmetic and dermo-pharmaceutical concepts for more than two decades. Being in the beauty business for more than 25 years, the serial entrepreneur and company founder has been providing his expertise for the big players in this field of industry, debuting start-up companies, indie brands as well as leading pharmaceutical enterprises globally. Being a committed lecturer, an approved safety assessor, an independent author and a passionate photographer, he is always on a new mission of beauty – unfailingly in keeping with his motto of life. Only who cherishes the most simple can apprehend the exceptional.

A daily dose of beauty
Yours, F W Legart

Click chemist | Molecular scientist| MSc
Founder. Owner. Mastermind


German boutique company. A family-run business based in the picturesque Alps with more than 20 years of experience and knowhow as international beauty whisperers and general troubleshooters.

We do not compromise. Our manifesto is not defined by quantities, machine parks, fast-moving projects but however partnership. We focus on establishing true business relationships, sustainably on the long run. A constant value. An unchanging quality of loyalty and allegiance to our business partners. Rely on our advanced expertise in personal and healthcare – being a trend-setting development laboratory and contract manufacturer. We have become a regular member of the IKW, the DGK and the German Society of Dermo-Pharmacy since starting the career in the beauty industry.


Making beauty history. Facts tell, but human moments sell.

We have partnered with Legart Forschungsatelier in the field of non-active, non-implantable devices for wound and skin care for more than 10 years. Legart Forschungsatelier has always been a solid, trustworthy and what is more a pretty flexible partner when it comes to MDR/ ISO 13485 providing support in terms of the development of new formula designs, the production of our ECA and PHMB gel products in different viscosities and oral care, namely mouth wash products. We are looking forward to cementing our ties and what is more we take the pleasure in working together with his straightforwardly vibrant and down-to-earth team.
Dr. Niedermaier Pharma GmbH
We rubbed shoulders with each other upon the recommendation of a business partner to start a project in the field of R&D – namely to create a line of natural cosmetic products. And it was worth the effort. Frank W. Legart was a stunner – having been second to none professionally. You cannot fool him in this business - having been an expert for more than 30 years. He has known exactly how to translate customer wishes, transform them into real market needs, how to take the customer along the journey. To put it straight he has always been pretty open-minded and absolutely honest. Right on the money he came along with the right idea, he has always been team-based and solution-focussed remaining true to himself. I have always had his contacts on speed dial. One thing is certain, if you are in dire need of a reliable and valued partner, with him you are on the safe.
There are only two people in the industry, absolutely A-list expert cosmetic chemists, that spring to my mind when having an agonizing, prickly and absolutely pressing technical problem. And one of them is Frank, beyond all questions.