Skin architect.

You are looking for a troubleshooter, the industry trusts in terms of service, strategy, competence. We present one-stop solutions. Created by our innovative, cutting-edge R&D. Personal and healthcare mass-produced by our certified contract manufacturing.

Your service contractor that minds your interests.

Creative lab meets manufacture production

Our designated and ambitious target is to improve life by thinking beyond chemistry. R&D driven by technology, international market trends and you. We are charged with a mission in beauty, dermo-pharmacy and medicine. The Bavaria-based, founder and owner-managed enterprise headquartered in Raubling/Germany is a trendy, vibrant creative laboratory and a tradition-conscious manufactory production with a dedicated team and powerful, clear-cut range of services – a portfolio that comprises the formulation knowhow of individual product ideas up to innovative concepts, the development of state-of-the-art formulations up to competitive finished products - whether it is a prototype, a laboratory batch or a large-scale production.
Good to know – you will not find any stock formulations nor standard formulary. At this point we produce more than 50 tons of bulk per annum. There is no substitute for performance.

  • Lab. Formulation knowhow. Distinct commissioned research
  • Microbiology. Analytics. Documentation. Product safety support
  • Production. Bulk manufacturing from 6 kg to 1.000 kg (Becomix, Unimix)
  • Bottling. Jars, dispensers, bottles, tubes from 2.000 – 5.000 pieces
  • Sealing. Labelling. Assembly
  • Shipping and dispatch. Boxing. Ground shipping. Palettising. Freight forwarding. Courier mail. Mail order
  • Handling. Storage. Packaging. Delivery

Our manifesto. The difference

Our from lab to skin philosophy is best reflected in our reinheitsgebot, transparency and quality code. Quality develops trust – Made in Germany is more than a country code or a nondescript signet. It is a promise. A true value. To ensure the highest and most uncompromised quality, not a single step of our R&D, production and manufacturing is outsourced to third parties. We believe in craftsmanship, so all of our high-touch, top-notch products are produced onsite amidst the Bavarian Alps and assigned their own batch numbers, guaranteeing the utmost transparency, traceability and integrity. Our supply chain traceability, batch documentation, and material analysis secures the delivery of high quality products, materials for advanced formulation solutions. You can feel the difference. Our formulation knowhow and commitment to customer support provide the service needed for you, our customers, to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace. Quality combined with compliance, contact us today to discover the ways we help ensure your product’s performance is flawless.

  • No stock formulations. But customization and personalization
  • Development of own targeted cosmetic ingredient complexes, active substances
  • Custom-made production of raw materials and multifunctionals
  • Bulk production from 6 to 1.000 kg
  • Development and production of dermo-pharmaceutical and healthcare products
  • Tube filling from 2.000 to 5.000 pieces
  • Scaling-up. Tracing and tracking

Your boutique company for cosmetic solutions

Product incubation and innovation powered by science, marketing and operational expertise. We support you and ensure that your product speaks for itself online, in content and on the retail shelf – from R&D, product development, microbiology, the selection, provision, purchase and stockage of innovative and functional active substances, as well as from consulting in terms of packaging engineering to bulk production, filling, assembly. We are there for you in terms of shipping, documentation and quality assurance. We offer you high-touch formulations and top-notch products. Your cosmetics manufacturer for holistic formula designs. Our manufacturing premises of 950 sq m are exclusively equipped with state-of-the-art production and process plants from the house of Becomix, which are used for contract manufacturing. In close cooperation with our in-house microbiological laboratory, all products are manufactured, supplied and documented in accordance with highest European Cosmetic Regulation and GMP standards set by the European Union and other global regulatory bodies. Our technical and regulatory expertise ensures your formulation meets global compliancy and safety requirements. Our heart beats R&D, which is the core area and DNA of the company. Being without, our company as a leading manufacturer of personal care, dermo-pharmaceutical and non-active non-implantable devices for wound and skin care products would be irrelevant and of no significance.

We develop, produce, bottle processing and handling different application systems. Be it: