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14. April 2023

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Cosmetics matter to people and beauty plays an important role in our everyday life. So it is only natural that you want to know more about the ingredients in those products you apply onto your face. In the digital world we live in, there is a deluge of information on cosmetics. However, it can be difficult to know which sources are reliable. COSMILE Europe is a European cosmetic ingredient database that offers reliable, verified and scientifically supported information on almost 30,000 ingredients used in cosmetics. This database will help you understand why certain ingredients are included in your cosmetic products, which properties they have and much more. The database covers how the safety of cosmetics is assured by European law. It provides an overview of topics such as allergy and allergens in cosmetics. And what is more, it informs you about specific ingredient groups.

All information in COSMILE Europe comes from verified sources and is based on independent expert knowledge. The list of ingredients and what they do comes from the European Commission’s CosIng database, an official source of information on cosmetic substances and ingredients. You can find more details and endless information on ingredients in general and their properties, whether they are man-made and/ or of natural origin, in which types of products these ingredients are included or can be found and so on and so forth. The insights, answers and common knowledge come from independent experts and scientific assessments published by European and international expert bodies.

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